Thread City Development Organizational Assessment


Thread City Development Organizational Self-Assessment 
TCD Officers completed the Connecticut Main Street Organizational Assessment Tool. They acknowledged that there are many internal organizational issues that need to be addressed. The assessment was reviewed with TCD board members as part of the background for putting together an action plan.

Overall Priorities
1. Board and committee development
2. Effective internal and external communications
3. Stakeholder recruitment and volunteer involvement
4. Revenue development
Active Governing Recommendations
1. Review bylaws and amend as needed; then abide by them
2. Establish and communicate board meeting dates; set expectations on attendance
3. Circulate agenda in advance
4. Delegate details to committees
5. Clearly identify board recruitment needs; recruit year round; use committee assignment as first step
6. Establish annual board orientation for all board members; assign mentors for new board members; provide all current and prospective board members with description of board duties; collect signed agreements and conflict of interest statements
7. Establish volunteer coordinator role--Identify volunteer opportunities and assign to standing and ad hoc committees; thank informally and continuously at annual event
8. Take advantage of CT Main Street Center training

Community Support and Outreach
1. Clearly articulate TCD vision and impact
2. Put in place structured process for community outreach for volunteer and financial support

Work Plan and Budget
1. Determine appropriate balance of near term objectives that support the Four Point Model
2. Develop detailed work plan that supports vision and mission of the organization with due dates and accountability
3. Establish appropriate budget that supports the plan

Revenue Development
1. Establish revenue targets that support your short and long term plans
2. Develop a revenue strategy based on a balance portfolio
3. Establish and rigorously pursue a revenue development approach that will yield the needed results

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