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2015 Organizational Process Overview
Thread City Development, Inc. is at a critical stage of evolving from a start-up organization driven by a small group of dedicated volunteers, to a more mature, sustainable organization that can fully realize the vision. Thread City Development engaged NetMark Associates to aid in the transition. This capacity building project was partially funded by a grant from Connecticut Main Street Center and the ‘Preservation of Place’ program in cooperation with the State Historic Preservation Office of the Department of Economic and Community Development with funds from the Community Investment Act of the State of Connecticut.

Current Project Goal
The goal of the project was to strengthen the organizational capacity and plot the future steps of Thread City Development (TCD) through strategic planning, community engagement, and board development.

Key Deliverables
The project was divided into three interrelated components:
I. Strategy Development
o Conducted an organizational assessment
o Identified organizational priorities, goals, and action steps using the Main Street approach

II. Community Engagement
o Formed an “Impact Team” of people who believe passionately in the vision and who have the ability to effectively network in the community with potential board members, volunteers, and funders
o Developed a one page Engagement Tool which uses photos and language to describe the vision, priorities, and impact of TCD and includes an “ask” for garnering new board members, attracting more volunteers and increasing funding opportunities
o Created a Master Prospect List of potential collaborations, partnerships, and investors
o Coached Thread City Development leadership on how to open doors and conduct visits

III. Board Development
o Facilitated a board workshop which emphasized additional roles that board members can play outside of the board room
o Created a concise description of board roles and responsibilities

Project Process
TCD officers completed an assessment which acknowledged the strengths and weaknesses of the current organization and identified areas for potential improvement.

A Vision Clarity and Strategy Workshop was held on January 18, 2014. The purpose of the workshop was to begin formulating a future direction for TCD that includes downtown revitalization and other components. An Impact Team, composed of board members and other positive thinking community leaders committed to the success of downtown Willimantic, was invited to participate (see list of Impact Team members in appendix). The group enthusiastically discussed the accomplishments of TCD and its impact on the community and gave their perspectives on the future vision and priorities for TCD.

Over the next several months, additional workshops of the Impact Team and the board were used to further clarify the message; identify potential community partners; develop an Engagement Tool to use in dialogue with potential partners and supporters; and develop strategic goals, objectives, and action steps. In addition, the board received training on their responsibilities including their role as champions of TCD in the community.

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