Short Term Objectives and Action Steps for Each Goal


Goal I Organization: Increase the impact of TCD by strengthening its infrastructure and collaborative relationships.

Objective Action Steps
Review/revise bylaws to assure they are supporting current needs
1. Determine if class structure should be retained, modified or eliminated
2. Craft appropriate language
3. Gain board approval
Status: Complete

Establish/maintain TCD budget
1. Determine budgetary needs based on short term plans
2. Gain board approval of budget
3. Report on budget status at board meetings
Status: Ongoing / In Process

Develop additional sources of revenue
1. Expand and prioritize Master Prospect List of potential investors in TCD
2. Re-engage Impact Team members through individual visits to discuss the action plans
3. Identify door openers for prospects and initiate visits
4. Gain coaching for initial visits
5. Track progress in revenue development efforts
6. Explore additional sources of revenue such as grant opportunities, membership dues, fees for services
Status: Ongoing / In Process

Develop policies and procedures
1. Identify a limited, focused group of policies and procedures needed to effectively run the organization.
2. Draft policies and procedures
Status: Not Started

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